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Brides and Mom to Be

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Pink Floral arch (2-pieces)

Pink Floral Arch
2- Pieces  $300

Pink Floral Centerpiece $100 Each

Pink Floral Centerpiece $100 each

Pampas for Arch or Backdrop

Pampas Arch Arrangement
$100 each


Wooden Backdrop $100

Blue Floral Arch (2-Pieces) $300

Blue Floral Arch 
2- Pieces $300

Floral Hoop $100 Each

Pink or White Floral Hoop Centerpiece $100 each

White Baby Breath and Orchid

White Baby Breath Arch Arrangement $100 each

Ivory Loveseat $100

Ivory Loveseat $150

White Floral Backdrop size 8ftx 8ft $300

White Floral Backdrop
6- Pieces  8ft x 8ft $300

White Floral Heart $300

White Floral Heart 
6- pieces $300

White Floral Ball Centerpiece

White Floral Centerpiece
$100 each

BABY Table

Baby Treat Table $100

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